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Daria Dubois, currently thriving as the Director of Creative Technology Strategy, AI at Futures @Weber Shandwick and COO at MJGroup, stands out in the field of emerging tech consultancy, focusing on crafting and implementing comprehensive artificial intelligence and other tech strategies and tools for impactful communications with Fortune 500 clients. Rooted in a strong engineering and economics foundation from a Belarusian university, her curiosity in math blossomed into an expertise in artificial intelligence since 2017 through the research for Google Creative Lab at her nonprofit organization, which contributed to her leadership in driving innovation across diverse industries for over 9 years.


In her multifaceted roles and dynamic career, Daria has redefined digital strategies for a broad spectrum of clients at Submersive Media as a leading technology expert and guided the Brooklyn Research Lab in developing interdisciplinary projects and workshops on artificial intelligence, generative art, and automation, enriching the tech community and uplifting clients experiences, including high-profile names like Google and Samsung. From 2018 and through the Pandemic she co-founded and ran, where she created immersive, photorealistic environments for architectural firms in Europe and contributed to the intersection of art and technology with notable projects like installations for Pierre Chareau at the Jewish Museum and the design of a creative walkway for L'Oréal at NYC BeautyCon 2017.

Her capability to orchestrate New York City's largest Creative Tech Festival, Creative Tech Week, underscored her organizational skills and her ability to mobilize the creative tech community. She leveraged her practical knowledge and experience to support professors in the Entertainment Department at NYCCT, inspiring students with innovative ideas and projects. Daria graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Emerging Media Technology BTECH program at NYCCT, and she also pursued studies at Belarusian State University of Engineering and Radioelectronics. These diverse experiences have shaped her entrepreneurial spirit and fuel her passion for utilizing technology to transform the world around us. Daria's career is marked by a continuous exploration of new possibilities, combining her passion for technology, creativity, architecture, and smart cities with her Belarusian engineering background to lead innovative projects in the creative technology sector.






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